FLORA's German-made trough planters, plant containers, tubs and flower boxes are all designed  for use with every type of architecture. High-quality powder-coated and galva-
nised sheet metal or Corten steel make these planters ideal for restaurants, hotels, gardens and offices. The aluminium inserts are either watertight for indoor use, or frost-proof for outdoors. Customised sizes are also available. Other options include using patterns, lettering or illumination to enhance trellises or decoration elements.

FLORA's German-made functional trellises, trellis planters, rose-supporting grids, garden or picardy lattices are ideal
for wall-climbing plant displays. FLORA offers traditional, up-to-date and trend-setting green wall systems for facades and exteriorswhich match the architecture of the building. Individual designs, patterns and decorations create attract-
ive surroundings and ambiances, including vertical gardens.

FLORA's German-made functional high-quality room dividers, paravents or screens ensure privacy in gardens, entrances and on terraces etc. These separation elements for indoor
or outdoor areas of restaurants and hotels are available in different heights, widths and shapes – fixed or mobile. They can be individualized by patterns or decorative designs and combined by planters or with lightening.  FLORA products help planners to develop customised and unique arrange-